Where to get medical dagga legally: Weed oil and more

As medical dagga or marijuana has been legalized increasingly around the world, many wonder where to get medical dagga legally. Although the uses of medical marijuana are becoming known more widely, public information isn’t always extensive or complete. Here are some tips on how to get weed for medicinal purposes:

Can you get medical marijuana in pharmacies and drug stores?

There are several reasons why medical marijuana is not commonly available in drug stores and pharmacies. For one, the pharmaceutical industry is fiercely protected by lobbying groups and corporate interests who wish to keep alternative remedies out of an already competitive arena.

There have also been insufficient studies to truly vet marijuana for medical purposes, at least by scientific standards. Even so, dagga has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Where is it legal to get medical dagga?

In the US, residents of thirty-plus states can legally obtain medical marijuana. This is a substantial increase to several years ago, when dagga was still widely regarded as a purely recreational drug. According to a 2010 PEW Research Center survey, around 73% of American voters support the use of medical marijuana.

Though many US states have legalized medical marijuana, you have to qualify to obtain it above-board. The process is typically as follows, with some variation from state to state:

  1. The patient must have a diagnosed medical condition which is in the state`s list of medical conditions that qualify for medical cannabis treatment.
  2. After qualifying, the patient should obtain a recommendation from a recognized physician.
  3. The patient is issued a medical marijuana card upon successful application. This provides legal authorization to buy marijuana products at dispensaries or pharmacies.

Many states have of course also legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. In these instances, there is no requirement to obtain a marijuana card.

What additional requirements are there to get legal weed?

A patient must typically comply with the following two conditions in order to qualify for buying medical marijuana.

  1. Applicants must be able to obtain proof from their doctor that they have a debilitating medical condition requiring marijuana treatment
  2. Applicants must pass a criminal record check.

Additional qualifying criteria are:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must be a legal resident of the state where medical dagga is legalized
  • You must have signed medical certificate from a recognized doctor or hospital
  • You must have your fingerprints taken
  • You must not have a commercial driver`s license or a school bus permit
  • You must not be a law enforcement officer

Apart from these sanctions, in order to get medical marijuana you would also be evaluated based on your profession and personal conditions as well.

Can you get legal weed in South Africa?

In South Africa the conditions surrounding legal weed require more policy certainty. Because it hasn’t been long since recreational/private use of medical marijuana was legalized, medical weed is still a great area. Yet with the continuing efforts to attain full legalization, it’s only a matter of time before South Africans can also enjoy the freedoms that residents of over 30 states enjoy in the US.